Episode 2: Rebuilding Places of the Heart


Parents and children under seige.  When U.S. industry and manufacturing collapsed or went elsewhere, cities like Elgin, IL, and Syracuse, NY, (like many communities in the United States) were left with the task of redefining themselves for a new paradigm.  Leading the way to a greener, more sustainable Elgin is a group of high school students.  Despite many innovative programs to get Syracuse back on its feet, the city struggles with the larger problem of Lake Onondaga, the most polluted lake in our nation. Local Native American Onondaga tribal leader, Oren Lyons, serves as conscience in the movement to restore Lake Onondaga for “Seven Generations to come.”  And in Riverside, CA, 16-year old science prodigy, Otana Jakpor, has a personal reason for her war against air pollution. She takes her battle all the way to the White House.


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